Trade Assurance

Still confused about Trade Assurance? No worries. Customer Service is here to help! Check out the latest instructions on how to begin your sourcing journey with Trade Assurance.

What is Trade Assurance?

Trade Assurance is a free service provided by designed to build trust in international trade. We provide a set of protections to give you assurance that suppliers will honor key terms of your contract.
With Trade Assurance, you’ll enjoy:

  1. On-time shipment protection: If the supplier fails to ship by the date set in your contract, you’re protected. will provide you with a refund.
  2. Product quality protection: Select either pre-shipment or post-delivery coverage – will refund you if the product quality or quantity does not meet the terms set in your contract.
  3. Payment protection for your covered amount: If the supplier breaks the on-time shipment or product quality terms of your contract, will refund the covered amount of your payment.

Do all suppliers support Trade Assurance? If not, how should I find one that supports it?

Not all suppliers support Trade Assurance; currently it is only available to Chinese Gold Suppliers.

Trade Assurance suppliers are marked with the icon with Trade Assurance Amountdisplayed on the search result list.

Refer to the picture below to find them:


Where to place an order with Trade Assurance?

There are two ways to place a Trade Assurance order on You can either start the Trade Assurance order yourself or ask the supplier to draft a Trade Assurance contract for you. If you want to place the order yourself, simply click 'Start Order' on the product detail page shown in the picture below. Before clicking ‘Start Order’, make sure you have negotiated the key terms of the order with the supplier.


How can I make payment to the order? What should I pay special attention to? 
You can use T/T, credit card or E-credit Line to make initial payment to the Trade Assurance order. When using T/T to make the p